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momojscore:3.5 / 52019-02-14

Location is this nominal four star hotel of only highlights has, hotel are on Shanghai Railway Station North square, for train travel of visitors, business guest are very of convenient. room clean clean, size moderate, service also good. as facilities aspects's, hotel as hanging star of hotel, certainly is requirements some are has has, no requirements some also no appeared. overall decoration called old. service aspects points two block, rooms service also good, basically meet requirements, front desk service on comparedWorse, in the case of not many guests, also does not distinguish between CI and CO's position and do not line up there is no order. Judging from the prices, in addition to the location, other still needs work.
aoaobabyscore:2.8 / 52019-02-12

Clean and convenient, the waiter kindly, Metro
junjunscore:2.8 / 52019-02-11

lgwanscore:4.0 / 52019-02-08

Old 4-star hotel, fully service, slightly old, convenient, and cost-effective.
lisa294score:3.5 / 52019-02-07

Good location, in the Shanghai Railway Station North square, and convenient transportation. decoration of the hotel is older, it's time to redecorate, and further improve our facilities, the location, prices will improve.
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